human_head_louseLice are never fun to deal with. Head lice are uncomfortable, unsanitary, and highly contagious. Long Island is no stranger to lice as thousands of head lice breakouts occur every year. As an area with high population density, Long Island residents can be particularly susceptible to catching head lice. Residents should take extra caution to avoid catching head lice, but sometimes it can be unavoidable. When residents do find themselves with head lice, it is important to visit a qualified lice treatment and removal service quickly.

If you should catch head lice, visiting a facility will not only alleviate your discomfort but it will also help decrease the likelihood of the head lice being passed on to others. Get lice treatment now with Long island Lice.

Finding a qualified lice removal facility in Long Island can be tricky. The process of removing lice can be long and tedious. It requires care and expertise as well as the use of high quality products and an experienced clinicians. Moreover, if you are bringing kids with you to be treated, lice removal can be a scary process that requires clinicians that have experience with children.

The Shepherd InstituteWhen trying to find a good head lice removal service in Long Island, one of the first things you should look for is some form of certification. The Shepherd Institute is one of the most respected associations for training and certifying lice removal clinicians. The Shepherd Institute is a Florida based company founded by lice expert Katie Shepherd, who has worked with lice patients in first and third world countries for over fifteen years. The Shepherd Institute and similar associations teach their students the proper methods by which to remove head lice such as the strand-by-strand method, a meticulous method that teaches clinicians to pick out bugs and eggs by each strand of hair. Associations like the Shepherd Institute also typically give their student a solid understanding of the types of products used when removing head lice from patients. Although there are many in-home and established businesses that offer head lice removal in Long Island, finding a business or clinician who has been properly trained and holds a certification is an easy way to weed out inexperienced or unqualified clinicians. A simple way to find qualified clinicians is by visiting the websites of head lice clinician certification associations like the Shepherd Institute, which often keep a detailed list of certified clinicians by state and region.